Bar stool JN06


The bar stool by Noyer is made from walnut, copper and leather. Despite its complex construction, the bar stool has a light visual expression and is extremely stable. The design is based on triangles, which challenge the eye. The triangular design and construction of the stool contributes to the bar stools surprising strength.

The bar stool stands on three legs, with a split leather strap, which is not just there for the sake of appearance but is also an intelligent construction. The strength of the leather strap is used to increase the stability of the bar stool, and the black footrest in solid iron adds weight for extra steadiness.

Delivery time: maximum 14 days.

The bar stool comes in two sizes: 66 cm and 71 cm (seat height).

Barstol i valnød
Barstol i valnød
Barstol i miljø
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