Spørgsmål og svar om bordene i valnød fra Noyer

Questions and answers about the tables from Noyer

Here at Noyer we make a lot of tables and we get a lot of questions about the tables. So it is only natural when you are faced with buying a table that it will last for the next many years. Here we have tried to gather a number of the questions we are often asked. If you do not find the answer to your question, you are of course always welcome to contact us.

Where can I see your tables?

You are always welcome to drop by our workshop in Valby and have a look at our tables. We really want to show you the tables, and at the same time it is important to us that we have a dialogue with you about your needs for size and likes. And if we are to be completely honest, then we are most likely also the best ones to give you advice about our tables. You can always write or call us if you want to arrange a visit to the workshop.

How big can you make the dining table?
All our tables are made to order in the dimensions that the customer wants. How big we can make the tables depends almost only on how long planks of walnut we can get our hands on. But we have supplied several conference tables that are over five meters.
How small can you make the dining table?
Noyer’s octagonal dining tables are not made in less than the size of two meters in length. The specially designed legs require that the table top is at least two meters long so that there is enough space for each leg. If you are looking for a dining table that is smaller, take a look at the desk, which can actually be used as a dining table if wished.
Is the dining table stable?
When making a dining table with only three legs, then it is natural that stability is something that is questioned. Precisely the stability is the main reason why we in its time developed the wooden legs that the tables come with now. Even with the slender profiles we use, the table has a very high stability, which we are very proud of. This special construction is the reason why we can keep the legs so slender, which gives the table its almost floating expression.
Can you get the tables at special heights?
Unfortunately, that is not possible. The dining table measures 74 cm in height, which is the standard height. The coffee table measures 49 cm to the top. The reason we can not vary the height of the table top is the specially designed table legs – they are a complex design that requires all angles to be completely accurate.

“One of the advantages of using walnut wood to make furniture, is the dimensional stability of the wood sort. When you make furniture that will last longer than their owners, you must be able to trust that the wood will remain in the shape in which you put it together. And at this point, walnuts are an extremely good and reliable wood sort. The type of wood has also been called “gun wood” because it has been used to make rifle butts for centuries – precisely because it is so dimensionally stable.” – Janus Larsen

Can you determine the shape of the table top?
Both the dining table and the coffee tables from Noyer are octagonal with opposite angles cut at 45 degrees. But the tables are not cut according to a fixed template, and each table is therefore slightly different in shape – however within a very tight framework of the design that we are so proud of. We spend extremely much time assembling the planks in each individual table, and in that work we also create the shape based on the wood. We always want to listen to your needs and desires, but in the process it is also important that you have confidence that we know what we are doing – we have made many of these tables.
Are there wooden knots in the tabletop?
No, there is not. Our tables are delivered without knots, but we make sure to use as much of the wood as possible close to the knots, as the veins in those areas are often really curly and beautiful. We go for an extremely high finish on our furniture, and therefore we do not use the planks with knots. In return, we allow a bit of splinter in the tabletop. Splinter is the bright (outer) part of the tree trunk, and we love the expression it gives the tabletop.
How wide planks do you use in the tables?
We get the wood delivered in “falling widths”, which means that they are in different widths. The widest are about 25 cm and we do not use planks that are narrower than 12 cm.
How is the position of the legs?
Since all tables are different in shape and size, that also means that the position of the legs is never exactly the same. It is a matter of stability and functionality. And we always set the legs so that they provide as much legroom as possible while keeping the table as stable as possible.
Can you make the table top thinner or thicker?
No. The table top on the dining table is 38 mm thick and on the coffee table it is 32 mm thick.
Spørgsmål og svar om sofabordet fra Noyer

“Walnut is the absolute most beautiful type of wood to exist. The tree’s veins are exceptionally beautiful – partly because it has so many knots. It is precisely in the wood around the knots that the veins really become vivid and exciting to look at – and then we have to live with the fact that there is a lot more work in creating furniture without the knots themselves. ” – Janus Larsen

Can the table be delivered without the legs fitted?
Yes, they can. The legs are quite simple to mount after delivery and it can not be done wrong.
How does delivery take place?
In the Copenhagen area, the tables are delivered with a carrier, who carries the table all the way to your prefered place. Outside the Copenhagen area, the tables are delivered in a specially made wooden box, which can simply be unscrewed. The wooden box gives maximum protection.
Can you get the table in other types of wood, with different legs, with a different table top?
No, you can not. The Noyer table is a piece of furniture that is made of walnut, and it is a finished piece of furniture where every detail has been thought through. That’s why we do not make the octagonal Noyer table in other types of wood or with other legs. If you have other wishes for a table, you are welcome to contact us, but basically we make tables in walnut.
How does the table react to wear and tear?
Noyer’s tables are not lacquered, but they have received a number of oil treatments, which makes them quite resistant to everyday use. They can withstand a great deal (this is the good thing about walnut, and if you make sure to treat it with the supplied oil, then your table will only get nicer with time.
How is the table maintained?
The table must be treated with the supplied oil once in a while, but besides that nothing special must be done. However, an unpainted table has the best of simply being cleaned with water and possibly a mild soap. But not too many strong cleaning agents, alcohol or things like that, as these agents have the task of dissolving grease and dirt, and on a raw wooden table it is precisely the grease in the oil that constitutes the protection against discoloration, wear and tear.

“As with all wooden furniture, they patinate with time and use. And walnut wood patinates exceedingly beautifully, as its glow almost becomes even more vivid and deep as time goes by.” – Janus Larsen

These were the most common questions we get asked when people are interested in our walnut dining table, but other questions may arise, so do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to answer any question you may have.

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