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Noyer – made by hand

Noyer reflects a passion for handcrafted design solutions made of American Walnut. All products carry a distinct aesthetic expression combining playful creativity and functionality.  

Noyer was founded in Copenhagen in 2013 by designer and carpenter Janus Larsen who later partnered up with joiner Nikolaj Hviid. Side by side, they create inspirational designs with their hands, tools and imagination. The design takes place by the saw, not in front of a computer screen.

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You can sense this hands-on approach when you get hold of a Noyer product, as the smell of sawdust and linseed oil reaches your nose while your hands experience the sharp, yet soft edges that is a trademark feature of the products.

The products are designed with a profound respect for and understanding of natural materials and craftsmanship combined with a burning drive to challenge conventions

Noyer is all about discovering beauty from new angles, a desire to nurture creative ideas and a promise never to compromise on quality.

Noyer is hand made in Copenhagen.

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