The 5 Noyer principles

Noyer is a Danish design company, that creates handmade high-quality products from American Walnut.
The product development and production takes place in our workshop in Copenhagen and our catalogue extends from beautiful lunch boards to impressive conference tables.
Our designs revolves around the tree black Walnut which is called Noyer in french.
We have chosen walnut because it is very exciting to work with, beautiful on the eyes and because it holds great stability.
Our products are characterized by the sharp and yet the soft angles which often are stretched until they create a perfect expression.
We combine the expression with a profound understanding of how fundamental functionality is.
The result is aesthetic and easy to use. Our production process is developed to make sure that every expression is unique – but still in the overall design line.
That allows us to promise a unique product. A quality in which we take great pride!


Our products are meant to be used. It makes sense to us, that furnitures must be created in a 1:1 ratio between functionality and aesthetics.

om noyer
om noyer


When you buy quality it is meant to be used for years and years  – and it is very important to us that our products age gracefully.


We do not believe that mainstream designs equals satisfaction. Vi believe that people find joy in designs that are unique.

IT has to be ORIGINAL

The products are handmade and we put our soul into each and every one. A Noyer design is something special and it is important to us that every single product stand out as something special.

It has to be playful

We take time to play around because it is important to us. That is why the Noyer products are born through playing – but completed in earnest.  

om noyer

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