Hvorfor laver vi møbler i valnød

Why do we make walnut furniture?

If there is one simple question that we have been asked many times, it is “why do you only make furniture in walnut?”
There are a number of good reasons for this, and we have chosen to let Janus and Nikolaj put a few words on why they started designing the furniture in walnut, and why they so far have stuck exclusively to that type of wood.

Valnød formstabilitet

“One of the advantages of using walnut wood to make furniture, is the dimensional stability of the wood sort. When you make furniture that will last longer than their owners, you must be able to trust that the wood will remain in the shape in which you put it together. And at this point, walnuts are an extremely good and reliable wood sort. The type of wood has also been called “gun wood” because it has been used to make rifle butts for centuries – precisely because it is so dimensionally stable.”

“Walnut is the absolute most beautiful type of wood to exist. The tree’s veins are exceptionally beautiful – partly because it has so many knots. It is precisely in the wood around the studs that the veins really become vivid and exciting to look at – and then we have to live with the fact that there is a lot more work in creating furniture without the studs themselves. ”

“The color of walnut is dark and deep, and for us it exudes exclusivity. There are a huge number of fascinating woods, but on the color there is no one who can compare with walnut. ”

“One of the great advantages of making furniture in walnut is that walnut provides the opportunity to make an almost absurdly fascinating finish. The wood can be polished up, so you almost get a porcelain-like feeling of the surface, and it gives a wildly bold contrast to the very “woody” vein drawings. The surprise in people’s faces when they run a hand over the edge of a table is clear every single time. ”

Hvorfor vi laver møbler i valnød

“As with all wooden furniture, they patinate with time and use. And walnut wood patinates exceedingly beautifully, as its glow almost becomes even more vivid and deep as time goes by.”