Cutting board with juice groove


Noyer’s cutting board with a juice groove allows you to put a piece of beautifully designed artwork into your kitchen, while also having a cutting board which can be used every single day for cooking. The design is the same as the “ordinary” cutting board from Noyer, with the only difference being that the top of the board has a milled juice groove.

Every single board is made by hand, which means no two boards are alike in shape or vein drawings. The technique behind the juice groove has taken many years to perfect and the craftsmanship becomes particularly clear with the juice groove.
The board is perfect for both cooking and serving and has a very high finish.

Delivery time: 3-5 days.

Knivmagnet i valnød
Skærebræt med saftrille
Knivmagnet - Knife Magnet
Skærebræt med saftrille på baggrund - Cutting board with juice groove (1000 x 751)
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